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Vidder: Hbowlergirl1
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Song: My Immortal by Evanescence
Characters/Pairings: Robin, Marian.
Rating: G.
Spoilers: Up to 3x13.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Robin remembering about his past with marian.

This is what happems when after working on so many collabs and coming across a good song you just get the muse to vid. I miss vidding robin/marian alot so when I heard this song I couldn't resist vidding them once again. Its kinda a short video but its because it would take me a month to vid to the full length of the song and I just had the muse to do this much.I just love the couple so much! I miss watching the show on tv it sucks that its over!
Also I'm trying out a new coloring I think it turned out rather nicely I'm proud of it.
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